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ai said:   January 11, 2011 6:29 pm PST
This place is not just another Asian restaurant, it is different. The interior is very contemporary and there was certainly a interior architect involved. They have an open concept kitchen. You can watch the staff making your sushi. and almost forgot to mention the hotpot..yep the HOTPOT. i was there with my frds for the hotpot. no doubt it's the best hotpot place in kelowna with excellent service, delicious food and convient parking! 好吧 æ?¥ä¸?来ç?¨ä¸­æ??å??ä¸?段好äº?, è¿?é??ç??å?ºèº«å¾?æ?°é²? è¿?é??ç??火é??ç??ç??æ?¯å¤ªå¥½å?äº?ps.æ¯?mad mango好å?ä¸?ç?¾å? è??ä¸?说å®?å?¨ç??价格没æ??æ?¥å¾?å¤?. ç?¹å?«æ?¯ç??è??ç??ç??æ¯?å?¶ä»?ç??火é??åº?好å¾?å¤?, 另å¤?要å?¼å¾?ä¸?提ç??æ?¯é?£ä¸ªé??åº?æ?¯å°è?¥ç¾?ç??, 不æ?¯é?ä¾¿ç?¨æ°´å? å?³ç²¾ç??. è¿?æ??不å¾?不提ç??é?è??è?¿,, è¿?é??æ?¯kelownaå?¯ä¸?è?½å?å?°é?è??è?¿ç??å?°æ?¹å??å??å?? æ??äº?æ??å?可è?½ä¸å?, ä½?æ?¯æ??å®?å?¨å¤ªç?±å?é?è??è?¿äº?å??, ä¸?次å?»å?火é??å?äº?好å¤?. æ?¨èè?: æµ·é²?å?ºèº«(ç?¹10ç??æ¯?è¾?å??ç®?) é?è??è?¿, è?¥ç??, å?种è?¾ç?鱼丸,é±¼è±?è?, è?éº»å?°æ¿?å??

John Webber said:   January 4, 2011 11:45 am PST
My family and I went to Misato's Kitchen for the first time on New Year's Eve. My wife is Japanese and I lived in Japan for over 15 years. This is by far the best Japanese restaurant we have been to in Kelowna. My new favorite restaurant. We had the hotpot (Shabu-Shabu) and loved it. Great prices, great food, great owners. Make reservations for dinner because I have a feeling this will become one of the more popular places in Kelowna.

Lisa said:   December 25, 2010 11:37 pm PST
My dining experience here was very relaxing and enjoyable! The staff were warm and welcoming and encouraged us to eat slowly and really experience our food. The owner was wonderful and spent time with us explaining the menu and recommending things for us to try. The all you can eat sushi was delicious and it was fun to trade pieces and share with friends! My boyfriend and I already have plans to go back!

Brittany said:   December 24, 2010 8:17 am PST
My boyfriend and I were looking for a small sushi joint while down town and came across Misato's Kitchen. We weren't sure what to expect but were pleasantly surprised by the prompt friendly service we received, and incredible food. Staff did everything possible to ensure a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. I will certainly be coming back and recommend checking out this sushi restaurant if you have the chance.

Jared said:   December 24, 2010 8:12 am PST
Found this restaurant downtown and decided to give it a shot. Great food, great service. We were well taken care of and the owner spent several minutes with us ensuring the food was great and staff were treating us appropriately. I will certainly be back again and I highly recommend it to others. Merry Christmas everyone!

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